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Early bird drop offs begin 7 am by request

Tuesday through Saturday, closed Sunday and Monday

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416 North Main Street

Bloomington, IL

That Dapper Pet Location Dog Grooming

"Because pets ARE family"

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Q:What makes your facility and services different from other boutiques and pet grooming establishments?


A: Your pets wellness and happiness comes first.  Our custom state of the art facility was built to provide safety and comfort to your pet, as well as peace of mind for you while they are in our care. We treat your pet as if they were our own, they will be quite spoiled with love and affection during their stay.  This is not just a grooming session, this is an experience.


Q: How do you set prices?


A: We will use Yorkshire Terriers for an example. We see many Yorkies of different sizes and coat textures. Some are as small as 3lbs while others have been as much as 20lbs. Some have fine silky hair while others have fluffy soft hair. Some are brushed out routinely and others not touched between grooming. It would not be fair to charge these very different dogs the same amount even if they are all the same breed. This is why we give you average prices, to better assist you in forecasting your pets grooming price at a glance from our site.  All prices are determined at your personal grooming consultation, please do not hesitate to call us with questions, we are happy to help!


Q:Do you accept walk in appointments?


A: Yes!


Q:Do you encourage play time while pets are enjoying their time at the spa?


A: Yes!  For the well behaved, friendly pets, they will roam our state of the art facility while enjoying all the comforts of home!  They may also choose to relax on their own on a comfy custom bed while they wait for pick up.  For those pets who wish to relax after their spa day and not play, we happily provide them with a plush bed and alone time if they so choose.